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Shijiazhuang Dongmei Brush Co., Ltd. was established in 1986. It is a makeup brush & shaving brush manufacturing company with integrating sales/design and production.

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With More than 100 employees,the factory of Dongshen Covers a total area of 15,000㎡. We have professional sales team, technical team and powerful design team,which is good at research and development.

    • Mar-2022
    • 21

    Tools to use with Genie Cosmetics Camo Foundation

    Unlike creams or foundations that can be applied successfully with just the help of your fingertips, most powder-based formulas require the help of a makeup artist to achieve the desired results. The new elf Cosmetics Camo Powder Foundation ($11) is a pressed powder formula that can reach its ful...

  • How to use a concealer brush to conceal your blemish?
    • Mar-2022
    • 04

    How to use a concealer brush to conceal your blemish?

    The concealer brush should be used according to the actual needs of the concealer. On the one hand, pay attention to the timing of use, and on the other hand, pay attention to the method of use. In the specific use, the following steps must be grasped. Step 1: before applying makeup + sunscreen ...

  • Some tips about makeup brushes
    • Mar-2022
    • 03

    Some tips about makeup brushes

    1/Don’t soak your brushes It’s an investment to get good brushes, so you must take care of them. Don’t ever soak them in water — it can loosen the glue and harm the wooden handle. Instead, just hold the bristles under gently running water. 2/Pay attention to bristle length The longer the bristle,...